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OEM Wholesale Fasteners Distributor

PSI Fasteners LLC in Oklahoma City, is a stocking, full line wholesale distributor of standard and special fasteners, Anchor Bolts, Structural bolts, Adhesives, Sealants, PVC pipe and fittings, Water works bolt kits, Gaskets & much more. With over 100 years of combined experience we are confident of our ability to offer you the most competitive price and service available.

We stock or have access for immediate delivery the complete line of Commercial Fasteners in Inch & Metric Sizes. Our parts are available in: Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Bronze, Ferrous & Nylon. If we do not currently stock what you use and would like us to, call us and let us know about your apllications and usages.


Structural Steel Fabrication Supplier

PSI Fasteners is a major supplier of nonstandard bolts and fasteners for the steel fabrication industry. We supply anchor bolts both standard and custom made per print, tie rod assemblies, and other job specific custom bolts. allow us to meet the most demanding lead times.

We have been providing Structural bolts to the steel fabrication and steel construction industries for decades. With a full range of structural products offered in a multitude of finishes and an extensive inventory on the shelf, we can take care of most needs immediately.

We have years of knowledge to assist with the needs of any job large or small. Here are a few examples of the items we supply to this market Anchor Bolts Straight and Bent (A36 – Mod55 – B7- A449) (Pln-H.D.G.) Structural Bolts A325 & A490 (Pln-H.D.G.) Wedge, Sleeve, Chemical and Epoxy Anchors Turnbuckle, Clevises, & Weld Studs.

Metal Building Components

From Anchor bolts in the ground to purlin bolts in the roof and everything in between. PSI Fasteners has everything you need to construct a metal building. Not only do we carry the most common metal building fasteners like structural bolts and painted screws, We also Carry sealants, flashing, and closures.

We also provide Sag Rods, X bracing, Custom anchor bolts per print. Job packs are available as well as prepackaged and private labeling with your logo if you also distribute. With our product and industry specialists, we strive to help customers streamline operations at every level by lowering costs, eliminating production waste, and reducing in-house inventory requirements. All of our products meet and exceed MBMA standards.


Water Utilities Parts Distributor

PSI Fasteners delivers quality products and innovative solutions across the water, sanitary sewer and storm water management industries. Everyday, private and public utility contractors, water sewer authorities, public works / line contractors and heavy highway contractors rely on PSI Fasteners because of our world-class service, We put your needs first.

From PVC pipe and fittings to Bolt and gasket kits we are you full line solution. To protect your name as you distribute, we also pre-pack and private label with your logo, bolt and gasket sets, butterfly cap screw sets as well as standard nuts and washers. We have prepaid shipping terms to the contiguous 48 states.

Standard or Special
What You Need – When You Need It !

Externally Threaded Products

  • Hex Head Cap Screws Elevator Bolts Full Threaded Studs
  • *Grades 2,5 & 8 Hex Lag Bolts *A-307, B-7 & B-8
  • B-7 Hex Bolts Structural Bolts Double End Studs
  • Square Machine Bolts *A325 & A490 Eye Bolts
  • Carriage Bolts Tension Control Anchor Bolts
  • Step Bolts Tower Bolt U-Bolts
  • Plow Bolts A-307 Grade B Metric Bolts

Internally Threaded Products

  • Hex Finished Nuts Hex Castle Nuts Machine Screw Nuts
  • *Grades 2,5 & 8 Structural Nuts Wing Nuts
  • Hex Jam Nuts *A325 & A490-2H Lock Nuts
  • Heavy Hex Jam Nuts Square Nuts Pal-Nuts
  • Heavy Hex Nuts Hex Coupling Nuts Weld-Nuts
  • Hex Slotted Nuts Acorn Cap Nuts Metric-Nuts
  • T-Nuts Flange Nuts

Socket Screw Products

  • Socket Head Cap Screws Flat Socket Cap Screws
  • Socket Head Set Screws Button Socket Cap Screws
  • Square Head Set Screws Socket Shoulder Screws
  • Hex Wrenches Roll Pins
  • Long Arm & Short Arm Dowell Pins
  • Socket Pipe Plugs

Threaded Screw Products

  • Machine Screws Sheet Metal Screws Drywall Screws
  • Slotted & Phillips Slotted & Phillips TEKS Screws
  • Flat, Round, Oval Flat, Round, Oval “U Drive” Screws
  • Pan & Truss Pan & Truss Sems Assemblies
  • Wood Screws Threaded Cutting Screws Theft-Pruf Screws
  • Slotted & Phillips *Types F, BF & 23 Thumb Screws
  • Flat, Round, Oval Threaded Forming Screws Torx Screws

Pre-Packed & Specialty Items

  • Flange Bolt Sets – Standard * Butterfly * Wafer * PVC
  • Steel * Zinc Plated * Stainless * A307B * A193-B7
  • Gaskets – Ring * Full Face * Drop In * Spiral Wound
  • Red Rubber * Non Asbestos * Neoprene * EDPM * Viton
  • Meter Coupling Washers- Neoprene * Fiber
  • Adhesives & Sealants – Polyurethane * Silicon * 2 Part Epoxy
  • Wire Rope * Brace End Grips * Shelf Angle Inserts

Cut, Lock & Specialty Washers

  • USS Flat Cut Washers Neobond Washers
  • Structural Washers SAE Flat Cut Washers
  • A325 & A490 Helical Spring Lockwasherss
  • L-9 Tension Washers Tooth Lockwashers
  • Clipped Washers Hillside Washers
  • Finishing Washers Square Cone Washers
  • Bevel Washers Hi-Collar Lockwashers
  • Belleville Washers Riveting Washers

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